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Red Cross

The LSESU Red Cross Society hopes to be a fast-growing student-led charity group. We're working closely with the British Red Cross to further their campaigns and raise money for great causes.

The LSESU British Red Cross Society has recently been re-launched and hopes to be a fast-growing student-led charity group.

The British Red Cross society will play an important role in the work of the British Red Cross, helping people in crisis across the country. The society aims to bring together like minded individuals, who are passionate about advocating and campaigning for British Red Cross appeals.

As a society, our aims include raising awareness and money for Red Cross goals, bringing like-minded people together, campaigning for wider Red Cross initiatives and projects, all alongside running charity and social activities (such as Missing Maps and volunteer opportunities) to support Red Cross goals!

The society will also provide an opportunity to volunteer, network, attend events and share ideas, contributing to the voice of young people within the organisation, and equip members with knowledge, skills, and experience through contributions to Red Cross work - we're always looking out for people to propose ideas and take initiative on events and socials! Our Committee consists of two Co-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Lead Social Media Officer, Assistant Social Media Officer, Lead Events Officer, and Recruitment and Events Officer.

Membership with LSESU Red Cross Society includes access to all our social and charity events, some of which include; film nights, guest speakers, bucket fundraisers, sports day fundraisers, and picnic/drink socials! Join the British Red Cross society today to be part of something bigger on campus, all while helping out a great cause and developing your own skills!