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Students for Children

Fighting for children's rights in the UK and around the world through fundraising, advocacy, and mentoring disadvantaged children.


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About us

Students for Children is centred around helping children in London and across the world. Traditionally, we've structured our activities around fundraising for our main partner charity, Save the Children, and mentoring. This year, we'll be introducing a new wing - advocacy! We aim to awareness for children's rights and struggles, particularly vulnerable in the present global climate.

All members can further apply for any one (or all!) of our subcommittees: fundraising, mentoring and advocacy.


Members who are successful in joining the fundraising subcommittee can look forward to brainstorming and executing new ways to raise funds in these challenging times. You will work closely as a team as well as with a range of other societies to jointly raise funds for a good cause. SFC's fundraising subcommittee is a dynamic and exciting space, always welcome to innovative ideas and new initiatives. Come lent term, we will also elect two fundraising officers to spearhead larger-scale, longer-term fundraising projects to be execute during the term.


Our mentoring subcommittee consist volunteers trained with our partnered organisations. While the mentoring climate will undoubtedly change in the coming term, SFC mentors always have and always will be centred around guiding children/youth in their personal and academic development.

Reachout - mentors under the reachout programme will be attached to 1-2 mentees from a school in central London. Attend weekly sessions (online/physical) where you guide the character growth and academic progress of your Year 5/6 mentee. Build a strong bond with your mentee and fellow mentors as you learn, reflect and play together.

Intouniversity - mentors under Intouniversity are attached to a group of mentees aged 10-17 (depending on preferences/availability). Provide your mentee invaluable advice and companionship on weekly/fortnightly basis. Sessions can be held either online or at the Intouniversity office (Kensington).

Be it online or physical (in schools), guiding the character growth of younger children or providing direction/advice to older youths, SFC provides a variety of mentoring opportunities suited to different preferences and commitment capacities. Moreover, all mentors will recieve extensive training from our mentoring partners to ensure you are ready and confident in engaging with your young mentees. While prior mentoring experience is not required, we stress the importance of commitment to and active participation in the full length of each project.


Finally, we will be introducing our inaugural advocacy subcommittee. Be part of a small, capable and driven group of individuals dedicated to actively advocating for Children's rights and issues through both stand alone events and effective promotion of projects planned by other subcommittees. Members will hone their communication and campaigning skills by

1. actively reaching out to organisations and speakers aligned with SFC's beliefs and

2. strengthening the presence of SFC amongst the LSE community.

Prior experience in campaign planning, while welcome, is not compulsory. We welcome any and all applicants with a passion for Children's rights and the dedication/initiative to spark conversation on a range of issues affecting children all around the world.


If you love working with kids, are passionate about children's rights and/or are simply looking for a meaningful way to spend your time in LSE, Students for Children provides you the chance to exact real change in our community. Join us to meet students with beliefs and interests similar to your own and work together to do good for children in need!


As a member, you will be the first to know about and gain priority access to all our fundraising and advocacy events. You will also get to lend a helping hand to any and all the fundraising/charity events we plan or assist to execute such as bucket collections, Save the Children's annual Christmas run or fundraisers planned by our subcommittee members. The purchase of membership also serves a prerequisite to all subcommittee applications.

Subcommittee applications will be rolled out on FacebookInstagram as well as through our Society newsletter (via your LSE email) on the 27th September (Sunday). Please be prepared to provide a short write-up on your interests and ideas for fundraising and advocacy subcommittee applications. Do bear in mind that we accept applications on a rolling basis, so keep a close look out for more details!

Events and Activities

As a Students for Children member you'll get to participate in:

  • Planning/executing regular fundraising events and collaborative projects
  • Both short and long-term mentoring opportunities
  • Dialogues/talks with various experts and advocates in the field of children's rights and welfare
  • Society-wide as well as subcommittee socials to meet and connect with fellow members
  • Ad-hoc charity events as a volunteer

Contact Us

We're stoked to connect with all interested students on any questions/concerns you may have moving forward! Keep your eyes on our Facebook page and join our WhatsApp group dedicated to our freshers/post-grads.

We'll be keeping all platforms updated with details for zoom chit-chats as well as subcommittee applications :)

Join us at our Give it a go sessions on the 7th Oct or 9th Oct (3pm BST) to learn even more!