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British People of Colour

BPOC Soc is a society celebrating the hybrid identities of British minorities. We aim to provide a chilled environment and promote solidarity between ethnic groups.

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About us

British People of Colour Society is a society to bring together all students who fall under this term! We advocate for you all and are here to provide a balance of social activism with some chilled out socials too.

Our main goal is to provide a community for those who feel like they don't really belong in a 'national' society and to take pride in our hybrid identities and values.

Most of all, we’re here to promote the fun that can sometimes lack because of the pressures of uni life! We hope to provide a safe space for you to be yourself, shake off the imposter syndrome and give you back your secondary school banter through organising social events and will be collaborating with other societies to ensure you really get a taste of what LSE society life is really like! Despite this though, it’s not all fun and games as we also like to get serious and hope to empower our members through events where we discuss issues like racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, which will eventually lead to some good old fashioned campaigning. We also plan to hold career events specifically targeted for BME students to help you understand your choices for the future and make sure you all get the opportunities you deserve. And don’t worry about feeling like you’ll miss out on social stuff because of COVID, we’re here to make sure the fun never stops!


Our membership is only £2.00! As a member, you’ll get not only the opportunity to attend all of our fun events and access to our members-only newsletter highlighting all the exciting stuff happening at LSE and opportunities to involve yourself in, but also the opportunity to meet friends for life! Join ASAP and see what’s awaiting you.

Events and Activities

Over the course of the year, we’ll be holding a wide number of events - whether or not these have to be online due to COVID, we’ll keep you updated:

  • Quiz and pizza nights
  • Banner/poster making events to use while campaigning
  • Talks from prominent people of colour
  • Nationality series with other LSE societies where we collab and hold fun mini events
  • Dinners (possibly a cheeky Nandos)
  • Drinks and cocktail nights

Contact Us

Feel free to get in contact and join our WhatsApp group chat exclusively for freshers! Drop us an email at with any questions you have.