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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


Interested in watches, their mechanics, their fashion or the business model behind it? Join LSESU Watch Society to discover and learn more about the fascinating world of watches.

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About us

The LSESU Watch Society wants to give the opportunity to LSE students, academics and staff to develop and deepen their knowledge and understanding of Horology and the world of watches. LSESU Watch Society wants to bring together individuals who have a common interest in watches and give them the opportunity share their passion and knowledge among each other. The society is designed for both students that have no prior knowledge of watches as well as those who are more familiar and want to deepen their knowledge while sharing it with others.

LSESU Watch Society will intend to capture a wide range of topics related to watches, ranging from watch-making, watch-wearing, investment strategies, the psychology and sociology behind watches to the marketing strategy of watchmakers.


All members have equal access to society events.

Events and Activities

Boutique Visits, Exhibitions, Meet-ups, Watch Memes sharing


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Please get in touch on Facebook.