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Futuristic Affairs

At Futuristic Affairs, our mission is to discuss the opportunities and implications of cutting-edge technological developments for society and the economy.

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About us

LSE SU Futuristic Affairs was founded in early 2018 by students from a wide range of academic and cultural backgrounds. As a society, we discuss the latest technological and scientific developments and examine their implications on society through our wide range of guest speaker and social events. We explore contemporary issues critical for our future: Automation & The Future of Work, Mass Surveillance, Genetic Engineering, Autonomous Weaponry, and much more.

Futuristic Affairs is an interactive community, full of interested and friendly students fascinated by the challenges that humanity faces over the coming decades. Join us to connect with your fellow futurists, to enjoy fascinating talks from leading figures in industry and academia, and to open your mind to the cutting-edge developments that will define the future.


Becoming a Futuristic Affairs member will give you full access to all our exciting social events, our high quality weekly newsletter, and our annual trip. In addition to this there will be a members-exclusive booking opportunity for our more intimate speaker events. The price of our annual membership is £2.

Alternatively, you are welcome to join our Give it a Go (GIAG) mailing list for free. This will provide you with access to our weekly newsletter and other important email updates until the end of October, after which you will need to become a full member in order to continue receiving updates from us and gain the other benefits of membership.

Events and Activities

We offer you a variety of guest speaker events, social events, and an annual trip:

  • Give it a Go Event: Interactive presentation, futuristic themed Kahoot (with the awesome prize of a one-year subscription to Curiosity Stream), and one-to-one speed networking with assorted futuristic discussion topics.
  • Guest Speaker Events: These consist of intimate fireside chats, panel events, and larger talks. Past speakers have included Hugo Pinto (Managing Director at Accenture Digital), Rob McCargow (Director for AI and Tech at PwC), and Anthony Finkelstein (HM Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor for National Security).
  • Social events: Our planned socials include dystopian film screenings, breakfast discussions, futuristic debates, and a society dinner event.
  • Trip: We plan to take you in person to the cutting edge. Potential destinations we are looking at are the Bristol Robotics Lab, BioBeats, and the Future of Humanity Institute.

Contact Us

We are very excited to welcome you to Futuristic Affairs and there are various ways in which you can get in touch to ask us questions or just to have a chat:

You are welcome to send us quick private messages at any time using Facebook messenger. You can also email us at