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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Future Impact

The home of Innovation & Impact at LSE! Focused on the BIG issues of tomorrow!

This society is currently dormant. If you would like to restart the society, please see the process on this page.



What is LSESU Future Impact?

LSESU Future Impact is a community and student movement based in LSE actively engaging with the emerging issues that will define our future economy, society and world. 

We have five thematic divisions dedicated to specific influential emerging trends:

Future of Health, Future of Work, Climate, Space and Cyber Society. 

Future of Health 

We explore the rapidly developing world of health & medtech, genetic engineering, life extension, novel medicine & treatment, bioethics & much much more!

Future of Work

We aim to cover the trends that are emerging in the labour economy from automation, UBI & Ed tech to globalisation, inequality & job dissatisfaction.


We try to tackle the many different aspects of the climate debate, ranging from policy making, energy transition, green finance, international cooperation, sustainable cities, activism, climate technology and many more


We try to help students understand the major trends in aerospace & spacetech.  We cover everything from space policy & politics,  interplanetary colonisation, satellites, commercial space flight, existential risks & all the latest developments in space tech

Cyber Society

We aim to explore the interaction of our economic, social and political lives with technology. We cover topics including mass surveillance, AI, autonomous warfare & machines, smart cities, social media + so much more. We are definitely the division with the largest scope!

What do we do? 

Speaker Events 

We host weekly in person, hybrid and online speaker events related to our 5 themes with top innovators, policymakers & academics. Click here to access our events calander and to see who is coming soon Calander. We have 7 speakers coming in October alone!


We are organising several student impact & entrepreneurial projects enabling students to tackle the big issues that are impacting the future. We have signed partnerships with universities & organisations around the world from the UK & USA to Brazil & Kenya to allow LSE students collaborate and create REAL impact! Recruitment for the projects will start in October! 


We host monthly trips within London, The UK & EU for students to explore their interests. We have so many cool trips planned for 2021/22 !  This year we are going to Google HQ in London, a Vertical Farm, a Space Launch and Autonomous Driving testing centre.

Special Events

We host 1-2 special events per term. These include interactive events such as our "Food of the Future" event or larger panels & exhibitions such as the multi-day "Future Impact Summit" we will be hosting in 2022.


We will train a team of LSE students to conduct deep research, publish articles and opinion pieces on emerging issues & technologies! 

Career Opportunities 

We give our members access to leading start-ups, impact finance,  think-tanks and technology companies to give students a head start in pursuing a future of impact!

What do I get for £2? 

  • Access to multiple weekly speaker & social events (15 organised for MT already!) 
  • Access to our monthly trips, research articles & special events! 
  • The opportunity to collaborate with students, innovators & leaders from LSE and internationally to tackle global issues 

How can I get involved? 

  • Follow us on our social medias linked above! 
  • Check out our website!
  • Buy a membership or GIAG for W0 & W1 
  • Apply for subcommittee, projects & research roles in October!
  • Attend our events!

Shape the future with us!