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Vegetarian and Vegan

The LSESU VegSoc is not a society strictly for vegetarians and vegans, but a place for anyone who has an interest in plant-based food.

Whether you are passionate about vegetarian or vegan food due to ethical, environmental, religious or health reasons, we provide a space where students can meet like-minded individuals and form a community.

Together, we hope to explore and promote vegetarian and vegan foods, encouraging people to be more open towards a plant-based diet. Our society activities include visiting veg-friendly restaurants, having discussions about vegetarianism and veganism and joining inter-uni events with VegSocs from other London universities.

We have active social media pages with posts about restaurants and meal recommendations, veg recipes, fun veg facts and more!

Some activities planned for this year:

- Take a survey and go to a veg-friendly restaurant with a group of students with similar interests

- Society restaurant trips

- Veg food trucks on campus

- Veg food stalls on campus


VegSoc Whatsapp Group Link -