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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


We are the first society focused on restructuring for undergrads in the UK!

As the pandemic unravelled, we saw the need to step in and help companies stay afloat, so we created the first society for undergraduates focused on Restructuring and Turnaround Management in the UK!

We connect students across LSE to learn about current industry practice and how these bankruptcy systems can be improved in the future. With our four main themes - law, finance, ESG, and policy -, there's certainly an angle of Restructuring that will interest you!

We produce weekly case studies on the latest news and summaries of academic research, giving you an invaluable resource to get up to speed. We will be delivering many events such as speaker panels, competitions, workshops, networking sessions and more.

Getting a membership will also grant you access to our newsletter where we announce our upcoming events, the newly published content and opportunities from our sponsors.

Join our society and let's help change the world, one company at a time!