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We have more than 250 sports clubs and societies bringing LSE students together – from faith, cultural and academic societies, to fundraising groups and student media - there’s bound to be something for everyone.


A society for anyone interested in crafting, upcycling and more!

A group of individuals who are interested in crafting, from crochet to sewing to jewellery making and anything in between!

Members don’t need to be experienced in any way as we will have tutorials, a buddy scheme and events available to help & teach, and we aim to cater to all different crafting hobbies, no matter how niche!

If you want to get creative and meet new people, this is the place for you! From thrifting to craft fairs and showcases, we explore London's crafts scene together as well as having frequent chilled socials!

Join LSESU Crafts Society and create unique pieces for yourself, friends and family!