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LSESU's Pokesoc is the hub for all Pokemon-related activities at LSE! Formed newly in 2021, we welcome all fans of the Pokemon franchise whether you love GO, the anime, the videogames or the TCG!

LSE Pokesoc is a society designed to bring together members of the LSE community who enjoy any element of the Pokemon franchise. This includes, but is not limited to: the Pokemon movies, the Pokemon anime, the Pokemon videogames series, the Pokemon trading card game and Pokemon GO. In the long-term we hope to welcome both current students and alumni (as associate members) to join us for online and in-person events to celebrate the franchise.

We will be driven by member interest as well as the funding available to us. In the long-term, the committee would like to acquire a Nintendo Switch console and Pokemon videogames. In the short-term, we hope to purchase some Pokemon TCG decks and teach members to play the game. We also intend to hold movie nights where possible (possibly in collaboration with the Anime and Japan societies) as well as Pokemon GO outing days exploring London with our members.

If you own a console or card deck, please join the society! We will hold BYO (Bring Your Own) events such as gaming tournaments and card-game tournaments. For those who don't own consoles, we intend to purchase Pokemon and Nintendo products to maximise inclusion! In the meanwhile, we will also host online 'Pokemon Showdown' events for those who don't own consoles, as well as perhaps using the new TCG Live app to play online card game tournaments!

We are still in the process of developing our society and events, and to get your input we want to welcome everyone to follow us on Instagram (lse_pokesoc) and to join our Discord server (DM our Instagram page to get the link!). We also have a Twitter profile!

Joining Pokesoc by paying our fee (£4) will grant you access to any events we hold in the future, including game and card tournaments, movie nights and our Pokemon GO adventures around London! Our fee is necessary primarily to buy new equipment!

Join us Pokemon masters!