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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

History of Art

Helping LSE students to navigate the art world whilst discovering the history behind iconic art, artists and movements.

Our society offers a social community for LSE students interested in observing and understanding art and its histories.

Through a range of events which make the most out of our access to some of the world's top galleries and museums, we will host gallery and exhibition visits, showcasing a range of artwork from ancient to contemporary. Joining our society will give you access to both subsidised tickets for these exhibitions, and the opportunity to explore London's art collections in a social environment.

We also host talks and lectures from leading art historians, providing an opprortunity for students to learn more, from an academic perspective, about a field largely neglected at LSE.

So whether your interest in ancient greek statues, 20th century photography, or just fancy spending a Friday afternoon touring London's phenomenal art scene before finishing up in the pub, join our society!

For more information, and to keep up with our upcoming events (and learn a bit more about us) follow our Instagram (@lsesuhistoryofart) and head to our Facebook page (@LSESUhistoryofartsoc).