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Romance Literature

The Official LSESU Romance Literature society! Join us for our bi-weekly book club and more fun events on all things romance.

Welcome to the Romance Literature Society! This is a safe space for all our romance readers out there; whether you are still in your Wattpad phase or have moved on to bigger and better things, we have a spot for you.

We aim to provide you with regular meetings where you can discuss and explore romance novels of every nature, whether as a hobby, a mental health relief, or even if you want to start writing romance of your own! We are here to listen and support you.

The Romance Genre has the biggest readership in the world, but as every romance reader knows, especially if you are a woman, we are often shunned and laughed at. Whether that is because of misogyny or because people just haven't found their type of romance yet ;) Romance Literature is going to change that, one book club at a time!

Running every other week, we plan to incorporate books and authors from every background and ensure all your favourite literature is discussed. Everyone is welcome to add to our dedicated reading list through GoodReads or by mentioning it in person. We are always open to suggestions, so join our Whatsapp group to talk to us!

Despite popular belief, we do not just have our noses in books at all times. We plan to have more exciting events and trips for everyone, ranging from visiting the cinema, theatre, painting, cat cafes, coffee and brunch dates and bigger events on Valentine's Day and Halloween for all to look forward to.

We truly welcome all students from all backgrounds and hope that you find a community of like-minded and kind people within our society. Follow us on our social media and be sure to join our Whatsapp group to keep up to date and get to know us.

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