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Law in America

Connecting you to the American Legal system

Are you considering a career in the US? Have recent political and legal developments in the US peaked your interest? Maybe “Suits'' inspired you to become the next Harvey Specter? Regardless, our society is here to connect you to the American legal system from a careers and academic perspective. 

Our career workshops and networking opportunities are designed to open the door to American legal careers. Furthermore, even if you do not wish to pursue a career in the US, our society will equip you with all the necessary tools in order to pursue a career in American law firms in the UK.

Beyond the career opportunities we seek to offer, we also have an academic function. Through panels and discussions, members are given the opportunity to express their ideas and debate recent controversial legal issues relating to the United States. Our American-style mock trials offer students a practical approach to learning American court procedures and familiarising themselves with American laws and legal structures, as well as developing their public speaking and debate skills.


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Law in America Lent Term Elections 2023

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