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TAMID is an investment and consulting group focusing on impactful solutions that will drive business of tomorrow. We aim to train future leaders through hands-on experiences and career opportunities.

TAMID is an investment and consulting group already implemented in 60 universities. We are focused on cutting-hedge technology and impactful solutions that will drive business of tomorrow. We aim to train future leaders motivated in breaking into IB or consulting through hands-on experience, relevant workshops, and insightful events.

Founded in 2008 in University of Michigan, TAMID community has widely spread in the best universities. We are an interconnected group exchanging continuously on the industries challenges and trends. You will have the opportunity to build long-lasting friendships with members from Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, NYU and many more. Once graduated, we provide an exclusive access to TAMID PRO, a global alumni network of 2500 former members working in prestigious firms. As the first European chapter, TAMID at LSE aim to pursue this quest of excellence in the best university in the UK.

We are following a “learning-by-doing” philosophy. We believe there is no better training than working on real-world situations. You will build a practical knowledge on topics covered in class though stimulating missions. For that, we engage in the following projects:
- After performing a complete analysis, teams of 4 can pitch a stock in front of an experimented jury and have their position opened in the £53,000 TAMID portfolio if selected. We mainly invest in technology, financials, and health such as NVIDIA, EQUINIX, VISA, CITI, KKR or PFIZER
- During a full-term period, you will have the chance to help an early-stage company by strategising its development. We are solving pro-bono consulting cases following a strict methodology to understand the company's needs and ambitions. In 2022, we have already solved 167 cases globally for major companies such as MONDAY.COM, WIX.COM or FIVERR.
Through this range of opportunities, we want to train our members on situation they will encounter during their first years in M&A, asset management, financial consulting or tech consulting.

Mainly focused on the technology industry, TAMID at LSE provides a strong sector insight through deep dives in fintech, health-tech, AgroTech and more. With the highest number of unicorns per inhabitants and "Startup Nation" label, TAMID has developed a strong connection with the Israeli business. We are using the country's cutting hedge innovation to fuel our talks and open new opportunities to our members. Each summer, 200 of the best members are selected to take part in an internship program in Tel Aviv in tech, consulting, and PE/VC. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to share a unique working experience with new friends in a sunny and relaxed environment.


Tamid Autumn Term Elections 2023

Club and Society elections to elect any members into vacant committee positions for the 2023/24 academic year. Please see the roles available below. For more information about these elections, please visit

3 posts are up for election.

Nominations close at 23:59 on Tuesday 3 October 2023 (in 5 days and 18 hours)

The polls open at 09:00 on Monday 9 October 2023 (in 11 days)

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