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We have more than 250 sports clubs and societies bringing LSE students together – from faith, cultural and academic societies, to fundraising groups and student media - there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Fantasy Football

All Fantasy Premier League (FPL) players, this is your time to shine. Joining this society will give you access to the LSE Fantasy premier league and the winner will get prize money and other prizes.

For all fantasy football players. We will be hosting our own Fantasy Premier League (FPL) where players pick a team of football players who gain points based on real life performances. This society will consist of a league where the winner will earn a cash prize and other prizes such as live premier league match tickets possibly! As well as this, we offer activities such as live premier league watch-alongs once a week with drinks and snacks. Join for a chance at glory or even for a good football watch-along. Become the LSE FPL champion.