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Are you a beer enthusiast ? One of LSE latest's society wants to bring together like-minded people through social events, informative sessions and tastings.

This society is currently dormant. If you would like to restart the society, please see the process on this page.



Since beer is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, after coffee water and tea and definitely is the most consumed one in LSE's pubs, we want to fill this hiatus in LSE's societies. As a true social lubricant, we want to bring together the LSE community to explore and celebrate the rich culture of beer in the world.

By re-occurring socials, tastings and external events we want to educate and bring together people studying or working at LSE. We think that the diversity of the beer culture is a perfect medium to get to know more about different countries and cultures.

For the modest price of £4 you get access to our events, including tastings, socials etc.

We aim to organize beer tastings, socials, brewery visits and informative sessions.