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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Political Ideas Café

This society is currently dormant. If you would like to restart the society, please see the process on this page. 



We want to provide an alternative to traditional debating, disagreeing constructively rather than for its own sake.

Through a mix of coffee mornings, speaker events, pub evenings, and balloon debates, we provide an informal medium for students to discuss politics in historical and international perspective. We aim for a non-hierarchical structure in which all views are heard and tolerated. If they wish to volunteer, students can ask to present their own topics or events through the PIC, either alone or in a panel.

We also run events on pre-set questions, usually a step removed from current affairs. Examples may include: Are Generation Z the luckiest in history, or in existential danger? Is there a case for global open borders? Do we have a real choice between political parties today? Is nuclear energy the only way forward?

We look forward to welcoming anyone, whether politically involved or not, for stimulating discussions on a wide range of topics.