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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Public Speaking

The LSESU Public Speaking Society seeks to provide a forum to build confidence and develop communication skills in a warm, welcoming environment.

About us
The LSESU Public Speaking Society has been founded as of 2023, and holds our primary aim of aiding students in improving both their delivery and content when they speak in public. Success can be credited to public speaking, as communication is not only highly sought after in the workplace, but can also help you prosper through all aspects of your life.

As a passion that was unfulfilled by other societies, we plan to accomplish all that they lack.
During weekly sessions, we intend on mostly practicing the speaking itself in smaller groups, with the option of in-front of the class. But often, practising may not suffice when aiming to greatly improve, so ultimately, we’ve lined up multiple speakers to attend sessions and pass on what they’ve understood about the key to public speaking.

Often, a big drawback for students looking to join such a society is confidence. Our group will accommodate every skillset, ranging from entry-level speakers to those who can confidently perform regardless of the audience. We aim to offer a friendly environment for such students to thrive.

Events and activities
- For those less comfortable with public speaking, we offer mentorship, involving one on one advice in hopes of building what we believe goes into a confident speaker.
- The majority of our sessions will be taken up by “table topics”, involving impromptu speeches on a random topic for around 1-2 minutes.
- On a volunteer basis only, more confident speakers will be asked to then do the same activity in front of the entire class, or even pre-prepared speeches on a personally interesting topic.
- We aim to host internal university competitions as well as competing against other universities

To get involved in the Public Speaking Society, purchase our membership for £3. Our society welcomes all, and we plan to implement more one on one support alongside the inevitable growth of our society. Join us and the payoff will be enormous; you can build effective communication and even fill roles as a leader, easily conveying what you have to say. For further inquiries, please contact our team at