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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


The Jurisprudence Society is a fruitful and diverse space of discussion about legal philosophy.


The Jurisprudence Society is focused on trying to understand legal phenomena philosophically. To do this, we created and nourish a fruitful and diverse space of debate and discussion, the JS. The gist of the society’s activities includes a vast array of topics such as the philosophical foundations of legal disciplines (criminal law, torts, constitutional law, administrative law, international law, etc), legal epistemology, feminist jurisprudence, constitutional theory, use of defensive force, law and literature, and critical legal studies (CLS).


Being a member of the JS gives you the right to participate and deliberate in all of our activities. These include seminars, informal discussions with LSE professors, groups of study, and so on. We invite students from all years and programmes to be part of the JS!


Linkedin: LSE SU Jurisprudence Society (

Twitter: @lsesu_jurissoc (