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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Romanian and Moldovan

Welcoming everyone interested in different aspects related to Romania and Moldova in order to create a fun and engaging society! Follow our Instagram @lserosoc

We strive to foster a vibrant community that brings together students from the LSE with roots in Romania and Moldova. We also warmly invite all students, regardless of their origin, to join us and learn about our cultures and countries. Our vision is to enrich the LSE experience through a diverse array of events and socials.

Over the remainder of the year we plan on organising various activities:
- Welcome event
- Give it a Go session
- Society socials, intercollegiate socials and inter-societies socials
- Speaker events
- Career events
- Workshops
Stay tuned for these by following us on Instagram and joining our WhatsApp group chat.

A membership for our society will give you full access to the events and socials we will be organising! We made sure to keep the price as low as possible for you, so might as well buy it! :)

Follow us on Instagram and join our WhatsApp group chat, as we will communicate everything there! WhatsApp group chat:



Exec membership