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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Primary Capital Markets

The LSESU Primary Capital Markets Society (PCM) is the first UK university society that focuses solely on the markets where securities are created.

When a company first publicly issues stocks or bonds for the first time, these activities take place within the primary capital market. As the LSESU Primary Capital Markets Society (PCM), we will explore the inner workings of these equity and debt markets.

Whilst the PCM Society has just been founded in 2023, we will provide our members with a range of insights:

Speaker Events: from CEOs who have taken their business public to investment bankers involved in underwriting IPO transactions, the PCM Society will host a vast array of speaker events from our members. Stay tuned as we begin to fill up our calendar with exciting speakers – we will keep you updated!

Newsletter: filled with the latest developments and stories within both equity and debt primary markets, we aim to publish a regular newsletter for our members! We hope it to be as informative and readable as possible, so make sure to sign up when it becomes available!

Office Visits: we will also strive to give our members an insight into a career in primary capital markets. We aim to liaise with an array of firms to allow our members to travel, visit offices and meet professionals who are directly involved!

Essay Competitions: to test your understanding, we aim to host essay competitions for both our society members and for Year 12/13 students in the UK who are developing an early interest in primary capital markets. We will keep you all updated when these get released – stay tuned!

IPO Simulations: we aim to host simulated IPO transactions – a first of its kind event! We are currently in discussions with several potential providers for these events, and we will keep you all updated with future developments.

Thank you all for your interest – we are really excited to build this society with you!

This page will be updated with our social media in due course, – make sure to follow us there soon!



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