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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


We aim to promote Albanian culture, tradition and values and to raise awareness on issues affecting Albanians and the Balkan region through public lectures, joint events, and entertainment evenings.

This society is currently dormant. If you would like to restart the society, please see the process on this page. 



Chat with us

About us

The Albanian Society is centred around bringing together the Albanian community at LSE and celebrating the Albanian culture. We are keen to create an inclusive environment for all to learn about Albania and therefore encourage all to join if they are interested. We run social events and also plan to run discussions and panels on political, cultural, business-related issues in the region.


Purchasing a membership will give you access to all our events, and will ensure that priced events are offered at a cheaper price for members. It will also allow you to join our online groups were you can gain opportunities from networking with other members.

Events and Activities

  • Annual Independence Day Celebration for both Albanian Independence day and Kosovo Independence day
  • Social events throughout term - including game nights, quizzes, hangouts
  • Inter-university events - collaborating with other Albanian Societies throughout the UK

Contact Us

The committee is really excite to welcome new members - feel free to join our Whatsapp group-chat in order to ask questions.

Alternatively you may get in contact by emailing us at