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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Amnesty International

LSESU Amnesty International is the largest human rights society at LSE. Join us in protecting human rights by campaigning, fundraising or writing for our human rights journal, Beacon.

LSESU Amnesty International Society is the largest student-led charity group on campus and has won the LSESU Gold Star Award year after year. Our purpose is aligned with Amnesty International’s mission of helping to protect individuals being denied justice, equality, and freedom. We work closely with the LSE, the Student Union, various charities, sponsor firms, and other societies – both, at the LSE and at other universities – to provide an enriching and meaningful experience for our members. 

Our mission is to campaign and raise awareness for the protection of human rights – at local, regional, and global levels – for the most vulnerable populations in society today. We celebrate the intersectional diversity of those in our university community and encourage the sharing of experiences and reflections amongst our members. We highlight human rights violations across the world through a double-pronged approach of “awareness” followed by “action”. 

We are proud to be one of the very few societies at the LSE to offer human rights-focused career events and panels. This year, we are delighted to introduced year-round volunteering opportunities that cater to a variety of causes that our members are passionate about. 

An active society of students from various backgrounds and studying a range of subjects, we are dedicated to creating and implementing change in the world for the better. From local prejudices to global injustices, LSESU Amnesty International Society is perfect for individuals wanting to come together to address human rights issues across the world. We are a lively society and hold several social events every term, such as pub trips and pizza nights, not forgetting the highlight of the year, the London Diplomacy Ball. 



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