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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


The society aims in bringing Cypriot students together, as well as organising events and activities that allow foreign students to become acquainted with Cypriot culture.

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About us

We create a friendly environment for our fellow Cypriots in order to make their transition from a small island, to huge multicultural city like London as smooth as possible.

We provide support and also organise events which allow us to keep various customs and traditions alive while we are away from home.

Non-Cypriots who are interested and enjoy our culture are also welcome to join us. We try to create a homely environment and a sense of belonging where no one feels left out.


We provide the standard membership which gives access to all our activities. With it one can vote for committee members, run for a committee member and also attend our various events, such as going out for traditional food on Cypriot holidays and celebrations.

Events and Activities

Casual get togethers at the Tuns every 2 weeks, dinners at traditional restaurants, socialising through drinks, attend events of other UoL Cypriot Socities and events by Cypriot Societies London. We also take the opportunity when possible to attempt to organise academic events mainly concerning Cypriot issues (e.g. economic/political) and join forces with the LSE Cyprus Alumni Association where possible.

Contact Us

Students can contact us via our Facebook page LSESU Cypriot Society and members have access to our private Facebook group which is mainly used for communication amongst members for outing plans.