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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Table Top Games

Come along to any one of our regular meetings to chill out and play some board games from our extensive collection! :)

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About us

Tabletop gaming involves board games and other games with similar concepts ranging from the household game of Monopoly all the way to more specialist (but equally fun) RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons.

The LSESU Tabletop Society activities operate midway between that spectrum with classics well-known to board game enthusiasts such as Avalon, Coup, Code Names, Catan etc. These are simple board games which come in a boxed set and require only a group of people, a table and time.

Our core events are hosted once a week either on Wednesday or Friday, for 4 hours at a time where members can pop in within the timeframe and play board games with other members.

This could be a environment to relax and destress from academics or to unleash one's logic and social deduction prowess to (verbally) annihilate the oppostite team in hidden identity games.

Over the last year, strong friendships have developed via Tabletop Society and the past committee along with the members have created a welcoming, inclusive environment which this year's committee hopes to carry on.

People should join Tabletop Society for the fun of board games if nothing else. Although the added bonus of membership will include supportive friendships, a sense of community and practice in the art of social deduction.


Our membership structure includes standard membership and the free mailing list trial run. The funds from our memberships will go towards socials and buying new games.

Events and Activities

Over the course of the year we have our weekly board games sessions on Wednesdays or Fridays. To find out when and where the weeks' session will be held, check the tabletop newsletters (which you will get when you sign up for membership) and discord!

We also hope to host the following irregular events:

  • Organised Board games Cafe events
  • Termly members socials
  • Murder Mystery/ DnD Oneshots
  • Magic: The Gathering workshops
  • Other workshops for various boardgames

Contact Us

instagram: @lsesutabletopgames

We are most active on Discord!