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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


The Singapore Society seeks to provide a place for Singaporeans and our international friends to turn to for fun, career opportunities, and support, whether in London or Singapore!

About Us

The LSESU Singapore Society serves as an avenue for Singaporeans and LSE students interested in Singapore to reach out to one another while studying overseas.

Through various social events such as Orientation, Welcome Ball, and Chinese New Year Dinner, we help our members to keep in touch and build a stronger community in London! The society also participates in intercollegiate activities, including the Singapore Warwick Summer Games or football matches with other London universities, which allows Singaporeans to meet others studying in London. Besides our social events, our society also hosts a number of career events, including our flagship Springboard Singapore and Singapore Legal Insights Programme, providing opportunities for members to learn more about careers back home. We also organise a series of welfare initiatives throughout the year, including Singabao, our food delivery initiative, and SingSoc Family, where we match members with similar interests together to foster stronger ties!  

Even if you are not Singaporean, we open our doors for you to join our society! Feel free to take part in our regular socials and numerous careers and networking events!


We only have one tier of membership (Standard), which grants you access to most/or all of our activities.

The membership fee is low and goes towards funding the society’s socials (free food etc.!). The perks of joining us are that it really grants you regular access to a whole range of activities, ranging from socials and career events to welfare initiatives organised just for you!

Members can also enjoy discounts on our paid events.

Events and Activities

Regular socials, career events, and welfare initiatives, across London and Singapore.

Contact Us

Want to find out more about the Singapore Society? Follow us on our InstagramLinkedIn, Telegram channels, or check out our website!

For official correspondence, or if you are interested in collaborating with us, please drop us an email at



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Corporate Relations Officer