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Tamil Society aims to represent and celebrate Tamil culture at the LSE. We are open to everyone! Tamil or non-Tamil - come along and enjoy our culture!

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About us

The LSESU Tamil Society is here to bring together students from all backgrounds, in order to promote the Tamil culture and organise various events open to all LSE students.

This society was first established in 2013, looking to create a society which truly represented the Tamil identity. The Tamil culture is the oldest-living culture to-date, which makes it not only one of the most diverse cultures, but also one of the most divisive. For too long the Tamil identity has been misconstrued, simply due to a lack of representation. Hence, the Tamil Society at LSE looks to put these preconceptions to rest.

We have 3 aims:

  • To be here for our members as a support system throughout your progression through university
  • To celebrate and promote our Tamil culture through our various events
  • To harbour and celebrate the talents of our members - whether it be sports, music or dance

Our events range from entertaining socials to informative lectures - all of which celebrate and highlight Tamil culture. If you are interested in getting involved in:

  • Student welfare socials (light-hearted ways to socialise to ensure a family-feel to our society)
  • Football and Netball (Legacy League - Inter-university Tamil Society tournaments)
  • History and Human Rights (lectures and collaborations with numerous human rights and Tamil student groups, such as TSI)

Do not hesitate to participate!

Whether you are of Tamil origin or not, there is a lot of fun to be had so come and join us as we celebrate our culture!


Purchasing a membership to our society will give you access to all of our events throughout the year, including our mutton roll mondays, games night and other socials. You will also benefit from discounted tickets to our most popular events.

Your membership fee goes towards the running of the club, including the cost of running our events and sports teams.

As a member, you'll get the opportunity to not only represent your university but you'll also meet loads of like-minded, friendly and fun individuals that will become your friends for life.

Events and Activities

  • Mutton roll Monday’s (social)
  • Games night
  • Initiations
  • Mental health talks
  • Cultural talk
  • Careers events/ Internship advice
  • Cultural showcase/ Talent show

Contact Us

The committee is really excited to welcome new members and we've created a Whatsapp group chat for freshers, here is the link to join:

If you have any questions, feel free to dm our Insta @lsetsoc .




Welcome to the 2023/24 AU page. 


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We hope you are all looking forward to this year’s Golden Era!