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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Sustainable Futures

We promote environmental sustainability at the LSE through campus-wide initiatives, numerous events and the management of a £20,000 Sustainable Projects Fund.

About us:

The Sustainable Futures Society works to increase the sustainable practices of the LSE by working jointly with staff and students on environmental initiatives. We administer the 20,000-pound Sustainable Projects Fund that gives out funding for projects to increase the Sustainability on Campus. The fund is generated through a twenty pence tax on plastic bottles sold at LSE. For more information about the fund check out our website or the video in the following link:


Get involved with SFS by joining an SFS Project. These focus on different areas of sustainability at LSE and are practical ways you can make change. This year's projects include:

  • Embedding Sustainability (within all LSE modules)
  • The Vintage Fashion Initiative
  • LSE Alumni in Sustainability 

and more!

We also run many events with exciting speakers from NGO’s and start–ups, as well as green careers related networking opportunities. In addition, we work closely with LSE to realise the LSE 2030 strategic plan, the official document drafted by the school to increase sustainability at LSE. 


There are many exciting opportunities to get involved and have a tangible impact on sustainability in our community such as a sustainable podcast, a research project to reduce food and plastic waste, a project to reduce the environmental impact of next year’s freshers fair and many more!



By purchasing a membership, you will be able to take part in managing the Sustainable Projects Fund, join an SFS Project and participate in our other activities. You will be first to know about and gain exclusive access to our research projects, volunteering opportunities and networking events!