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LSESU Thai Society is proud to be a part of your social life and networking. Come join us to learn more about Thailand, its unique cultures and people.

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About us

The Thai Society, is a society created to stimulate an environment which replicates that of Thai university traditions, In this society we indulge in the Thai culture sharing experiences and create a strong bonded community for all members.

Our core activity is to produce a Thai play called Thai night to connect all Thai students within LSE as well as outside of LSE, as well as this we often organize karaoke nights and Thai dinners for members to come hang out with each other.


As a member of the society you will be added to a private group which will be used as a communication point for all members to receive information about karaoke and dinner dates set by the society as well as receive information about other Thai events happening in the UK and in Thailand.

As a member you will be able to meet many awesome individuals that may possibly become your friends for life both in the UK and in Thailand.

Events and Activities

  • Play practice
  • Play showcase
  • Karaoke nights
  • End of term dinners
  • Movie nights
  • Homemade buffet
  • Club nights
  • Family(soc) dinner

Contact Us

We have a WhatsApp group which you can join to ask any questions you have regarding the society.