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Human Resources

This group is for all LSE students that are passionate about HRM and people management as well as LSE alumni. The society welcomes all those looking to explore careers, research and practice in HRM.

What does the future of workplaces look like ? How do business and organisations manage transformation of work ? What are the latest innovation in HR? 

The HR Society at the LSE aims to be a platform generating and enhancing discussions and networking events. We aim to be exclusive and focused in linking future & current HR professionals, alumnis and the CIPD community around events regarding the latest HR debates/topics. As a member, you will be provided with opportunities to learn more about HRM practice and careers. In doing so, we aim to provide support to current students as they explore the HR job market and balance this with learning and living in London. Moreover, the society would enhance employability opportunities by close connections to the CIPD, mentoring and HR volunteering opportunities and build the profile of HRM amongst the student body, alumni and potential employers. We aim as well to inculcate a stronger sense of belonging, confidence and ownership among our current student body during informal events too. If you are passionate about people and management, (HRO student or not), you are more than welcome to be part of the Human Resources society. We are looking forward hearing about your ideas!