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Human Resources

The LSESU HR Society - A society full of LSE students passionate about all HR and People Consulting matters.

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About us

Our Aims:

- Utilise the size of membership base, leverage the capabilities that it brings

- Represents its members, adding value and knowledge to their interests and career

- Facilitates CV-enhancing memberships or positions We achieve this by: - producing weekly content for the members on recent global ET cases, legislation and HR articles. - holding career events and panel discussions with leading HR organisations, practitioner and academics.

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The society will also encourage our HRO Alumni to become members, so we have strong alumni engagement from current HR practitioners. Thus, a key activity of the group is to enhance the networking opportunities for all those looking to learn more about HRM practice and careers. In doing so, it is intended that support is provided to current students as they explore the HR job market and balance this with learning and living in London.


£3 membership. It would be a great chance for you to meet HR and CIPD professionals, HRO alumni and many other people who would be able to support you and answer any questions you might have.

Events and Activities

  • Organise events with the local branch of the professional body for HR in the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) to hold events for society members. (We already spoke with Elaine Yerby who is more than happy to work and support us on this new journey).
  • Arranging an agenda of events that blend HR employability, research and social opportunities for students such as films nights relating to the topic of HRM e.g. Sorry I Missed You, attending CIPD events, quiz nights, and specialist research agendas.
  • Creating a platform or students to express their ideas on Human Resources, share their past/present experiences, so they can learn from each other.
  • Launch a mentorship platform where alumni can mentor current students.
  • Build a database of NGO’s who need help with HRM. Encourage our students to give of their time to these NGOs.
  • Organising formal social events with HR practitioners.

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