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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


Welcome to LSE's home of environmental activism! We campaign on animal rights and climate issues and hold regular screenings, panels and socials. Come along to help us save the world!

This society is currently dormant. If you would like to restart the society, please see the process on this page.



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About us

Welcome to LSE's home of environmental activism! EcoSoc campains on a range of environmental issues and holds regular screenings, panels, and socials. We are looking to get you to use less plastic and fight for a more sustainable LSE environment & future planet!

EcoSoc's aim is to incentivise individuals and organisations to become more sustainable in their everyday life and care for their environment, through a series of interactive, fun, and educational activities.

By organising debates about sustainability, reforestations, beach cleanings, vegan cooking challenges, conferences centralised on the environment, eco-career events, and many more, we are is familiarising our members with the benefits of having a sustainable approach to life whilst providing them with the equipage they need to make this change.


  • Give it a Go Membership: A free one-off trial that allows you to visit one of our events.
  • Standard Membership: A £1,50 worth membership that will give you access to all of our events throughout the year.

Events and Activities

We organise a variety of events which focus on the following pillars:

Sense of Community 

  • Buddy Scheme 
  • Wellbeing Walks
  • Climate Cafes & Vegan Restaurant Visits
  • Vegan Baking & Cooking Challenges 

Environmental Awareness

  • Seminar Series
  • Career Events
  • Fundraising Initiatives


  • Beach Cleanings
  • Reforestations


Contact Us

The committee is really excited to welcome new members and we've created a dedicated WhatsApp group chat for any questions you may have. Other than that, you can reach us anytime here: