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Bacchus Wine

Do you like wine, bubbly or spirits? Join Bacchus, LSE’s largest and oldest social society to explore an array of beverages through guided tastings, special events and socials with free wine.


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About us

Bacchus Wine Society is the oldest and largest social society at the LSE. Here, you will meet like-minded bacchanalians from across the campus and enjoy luxurious wines at a membership price of only £15. Even though we are faced with the challenge of the infamous COVID-19 this year, the committee is determined to re-brand the society as a 'boutique social society' which facilitates weekly small-sized tastings with a focus on enjoyment of wines, rather than social interactions, in order to ensure our members' health in these uncertain times.


£15 for access to weekly tastings, discounts to high-end wine merchants, restaurants and wine bars, plus an annual trip to vineyard in the spring break.

Events and Activities

Throughout Michaelmas and Lent terms, we will be holding small-sized tastings (with the minimum risk of spreading virus) on both red and white wines across Old and New Worlds, as well as more diverse beverages including Chinese Baijiu, Champagne, Japanese Sake and Whiskey.

Contact Us

You can message us via Facebook. We will also be holding Zoom sessions for our members at the start of Michalemas term. Please stay tuned and follow us on Facebook (we will also be sending out emails).