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Creative Industries

In exploration of unheard career opportunities and insights of all sectors within the industries, as energetic as the creative business ideas themselves.

Creative industries are not only about fashion and art - Relevant industries are a lot more diverse and inclusive than you would have imagined. There is a wide range of skillsets demanded by global firms especially in the digitalised era nowadays. There must be a career path that will suit your passion and skillsets ranging from music, sports, film, content creation, or simply a start-up with a creative idea. Many of you might have first heard that you could contribute to a music streaming company as a User Experience Researcher with a background of PhD in social science! As you develop creativity and imagination, we will strive to build a platform for you to best utilise your strengths together with hobbies and interests, and discover suitable career paths for you.

As a newly found society coming in September 2022, our society will aim to construct a platform for anyone who is interested in knowing what creative industries are, what career options will best suit their interests, and we will launch consulting projects for individuals /small firms from the creative industries.

Our member-exclusive activities will focus on the following categories in the coming 2022/23 year:

  • Career talks - To invite professionals & LSE alumni from firms to speak about new career opportunities and share their background in order to advise on career development
  • The Consulting Project - To offer marketing, activation, rebranding and promotion advice for our clients from the creative field
  • Industry insights in the form of own choice - This will include student-written articles on matter of own interests, and podcasts with professionals within the industry to discuss news and latest trends within the creative industries.

We are also more than delighted to meet all society members on-campus in the forthcoming year, and all events will be provided with a livestream link in case anyone could not make it.
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