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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Grimshaw Club

As the school's oldest student society and the IR Department's official affiliate, the Grimshaw Club for International Relations welcomes all students with an interest in the big issues of today.


About us

Welcome to LSE and to Grimshaw!

The Grimshaw Club for International Relations is LSE’s oldest student society, founded in 1923. For 100 years, the club has been engaging students in discussions and connecting like-minded individuals with an interest in international affairs. We empower you as a member to understand key issues that affect our world, with a mind to effect change in the future after graduation.

Our main activities allow students to engage with International Relations in a variety of ways. Our speaker event series allow you to learn from academics, diplomats and professionals and pose questions about the most pertinent global and regional issues affecting us today. We also host a range of career events, exciting socials, the Family Scheme, local trips, academic support and so much more! Our signature events include:

  • London Diplomacy Ball: the social event of year is back! Working in collaboration with UNSOC and LSESU Amnesty International, every year we organise a ball that raises money for Amnesty International UK.
  • Student Delegations: academic trips to many destinations abroad for you to gain a deep insight into the political, economic, media and human rights landscapes of the country and the region.
  • Embassy Visits and Diplomatic Breakfast
  • The Grimshaw Review for International Affairs: our International Relations Journal and the first LSE international affairs journal open to undergraduate, postgraduate and LSE Alumni.
  • The Bluebird Blog: our international affairs blog that encourages students to gain their first writing experience, with pieces published on our blog website and our Instagram media account.

Does American decline and China’s rise indicate a new world order? What will the future of diplomacy look like in a more digital, post-COVID era? How can we address issues like systemic racism, gender inequality and climate change in an international affairs setting? These are all the types of questions we endeavour to discuss in our events. Our socials will be a bit more chill, we promise.

Whether you are a student of International Relations or just have an interest in international affairs.. come join us!


Purchasing a regular membership to the Grimshaw Club will:

  • give you access to all our events including coffee mornings, speaker panels, community-building initiatives such as the Grimshaw Family Scheme and a diverse set of fun socials.
  • allow you to participate in our signature Student Delegations, academic trips abroad that enrich your time at LSE.
  • provide you with our weekly newsletter with all information you need regarding upcoming events, ‘Harold’s Take’ of the latest in current affairs, and exclusive opportunities from our partner organisations.
  • guarantee that all your International Relations needs are satisfied!

Your membership fee helps us run the society and continue to improve the quality of the events we organise. Being a member of the oldest student-led society at LSE is a wonderful opportunity to meet and make friends with incredibly driven students from around the world who are keenly interested in global affairs.

Associate membership:

If you are an LSE alum or a member of staff at LSE, this is the membership for you! You will have access to our newsletter and will be able to attend our speaker panels, social receptions, career events, local trips, as well as apply to our Student Delegations. Additionally, if you would like to take a more active role and share your professional/research experience with the society, we'd love to hear from you!

Events and Activities

We aim to give you the most value and variety possible for your membership with a range of academic, professional and social events for your enjoyment:

  • Speaker Event Series including coffee mornings with professors, panel events with diplomats/professionals
  • Student Delegations - academics trips to different parts of the world to learn about the political, economics, media, and human rights landscapes of the country and region.
  • Careers events including speaker panels and networking opportunities
  • Diverse socials
  • Family Scheme to help you settle into LSE and be part of a community within Grimshaw
  • Local trips to museums, think tanks, embassies, NGOs and international organisations
  • Academic support events for first year students taking IR modules and postgraduates students working on a dissertation

We will aim to continue to provide online events and opportunities to engage with the community if for some reason you are not on campus as the academic year begins.

Contact Us

Join our General Whatsapp group by following the link here:

For any questions about Grimshaw, we recommend contacting us on email or Facebook, or speaking to our President, Malou van Draanen Glismann, or our Vice President, Kaviesh Kinger. 



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