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Hedge Fund

Providing access to the best of the alternative investments industry.

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About us

As one of LSE’s most active finance societies, the Hedge Fund Society boasts the title of the largest student-led society for alternative investments in the UK.

Over the past few years, our flagship event division has offered members access to the biggest names and most talented professional minds the alternative investments industry has to offer.

Balancing frequency and consistency with a previously unreachable level of access, the Hedge Fund Society has thus far hosted talks, networking events, and panel discussions with heavyweight firms such as Brevan Howard, Apollo, Marshall Wace, Point72, and TPG, amongst many others.

Our celebrated Founders series has also seen the likes of industry giants Crispin Odey (Odey Asset Management), Stuart Roden (Lansdowne), and Bill Ackman (Pershing Square Capital).

Our newly founded Research & Trading division attracts LSE’s best and brightest, putting them through a rigorous and advanced training programme that creates industry-leading traders who can converse on par with our high-profile speakers.

R&T produces high quality research papers on a level unseen by any other finance society, reflecting our gifted talent pool and contrarian approach.


Want to break into hedge funds or the alternative investments industry? Membership of the Hedge Fund Society provides privileged access to high-level portfolio managers and billionaire hedge fund founders. Through our events, members are face-to-face with talented buy-side professionals at a frequency and level unattainable for any other UK university finance society, with our annual networking dinner boasting a 4:3 ratio of students to professionals.

Our most dedicated members are able to apply for subcommittee and committee positions, giving them greater scope and responsibility for organising our high profile events. Those with an existing passion for trading should consider getting involved with the Research & Trading division, which cultivates an in-depth understanding of markets and industry-standard tools such as the Bloomberg terminals.

We are proud to represent over fifty nationalities and twenty different departments within the university, including undergraduate and postgraduate students, and look forward to adding many more talented individuals to our ranks.

Events and Activities

We have many events and various opportunities to interact with professionals and learn more about the industry. They consist of the following:

Talks by external speakers, through one of:

  • Fireside chats: A relaxed discussion with a portfolio manager at an investment firm where they share their journey into the industry and the experience gained. Audience Q&A forms a major part of each event.
  • Founder’s Series: Listen to titans of industry discuss the philosophy and rationale behind starting their own fund. Our 2019/20 speakers for this have included Crispin Odey and Bill Ackman.
  • Panel events: Join us and partake in a discussion and debate between various portfolio managers at some of the largest firms in the industry. These events will allow you to gain insights into hedge fund professionals’ philosophies and robust differences of opinion.
  • Company Presentations: Meet with an analyst and Human Resources team from a hedge fund to learn more about the recruiting process and what you can do to make yourself stand out. These are invaluable opportunities to learn more about a firm’s fit and culture.

We also organise:

  • Networking Events: The society hosts an annual networking dinner where students gain access to over 40 professionals from the hedge fund and alternative investments industry. In addition, we provide a student to professional ratio of 4:3 which guarantees you undivided access to the professional of your choice. In addition to the dinner, the society hosts informal drinks with junior employees which allow you to gain further insights into a fund’s culture.
  • Research division: The Research and Trading Division focuses on generating trading ideas in global markets, educating students on financial markets and tools, and preparing high-quality trading research. The education activities make use of LSE’s financial data resources, particularly the Bloomberg Terminals, as well as the University’s large collection of specialist literature on financial instruments. We focus on current and future changes in monetary policy, economics and politics and how to profit from them, with particular focus on fixed income, foreign exchange and derivative instruments.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us through our socials.

If you are viewing this page during the hours of 9am to 5pm on Thursday the 24th and Friday the 25th of September, you can get in touch with us through Messenger/Facebook Messages. We will be online during these hours to answer any and all questions. 

We are more than happy to arrange 1-on-1 Zoom calls with prospective members who would like to know more about our society and/or apply for a position. If you are interested in applying for a position, please fill out the following form: