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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


LSESU Kurdish Society invites everyone with an interest in engaging with Kurdish affairs.

At LSESU Kurdish Society, we strive to proactively campaign for recognition and representation of the Kurdish people. As a stateless nation of approximately 40 million worldwide, Kurds have endured systematic isolation, repression and assimilation across Kurdistan and the Middle East.

Our Society has a social cause at heart - from publicly responding to international developments in the region, to bringing together different perspective on the route of peace, freedom and justice for the Kurdish people in the Middle East.

Our Society pledges the following to its members:

• A vibrant community of students: Kurdish societies exist throughout universities in the UK. We will work together with fellow Kurdish societies to encourage community spirit.

• Panels and seminars: We will organise regular events that include guest speakers and experts in academia and the political realm to host key discussions on the Kurdish issue.

• Educational initiatives: As part of campaigns to further recognition of the Kurdish issue, we will organise regular educational events that feature important themes in the Kurdish struggle for freedom and justice.

To continue the many years’ legacy of our Society which has become a platform for the Kurdish community at LSE, we welcome all LSE students with interest in Kurdish affairs to sign up and join the collective work!

Berxwedan Jîyan e! Resistance is Life!