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Lebanese Society

In this society we plan to make everyone feel included, even if you may not be Lebanese and just want to discover and learn about Lebanon and the Lebanese people!



Welcome to the LSE SU Lebanese society! 

Despite its relatively small size, the Lebanese community has never failed to leave its mark on LSE's culturally diverse student life. Whether it be for its world renouned cuisine, its rich history, or the countless success stories of its people abroad, many Lebanese and non-Lebanese people share a strong interest for Lebanon and its culture. By joining the LSE SU Lebanese society, you are joining a community marked by drive, passion and success. 


What's on offer? 

Our agenda for the 2021-2022 academic year can be divided into three main parts.

  • About Lebanon

Through panel or fundraising events, we aim to explain the root causes of the ongoing Lebanese socio-political and economic crisis. This is a perfect opportunity to raise awareness, whilst bringing to the table a wealth of academic knowledge.

  • Lebanese Abroad

The Lebanese diaspora contains many success stories, particularly in the realms of business and finance. This therefore offers an opportunity to hear from some of the most influential and promising Lebanese people abroad!

  • Cultural and Social Events

Let's also have a little fun! Discover the different aspects of Lebanese culture through events such as cooking classes, and traditional Lebanese dish tasting. And perhaps most importantly, get to enjoy life the Lebanese way, through parties and club outings, suitable for drinkers and non-drinkers!



Benefit from all our events and activites for as little as £2 per academic year!

The membership will also allow you to run for one of the executive positions of the society.

Join now! 



We're currently in the process of reviving our LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. 

For now, you contact us through email.