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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


Our primary goal is to serve as an interface between the professional field and students in order to help find the right path to their career.

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About us

Hi all! Welcome to The LSESU Accounting Society. This year, our focus is all about revitalising the Accounting Society to serve members better – which includes new project initiatives coming your way.

To propel you into your dream career, we will be hosting our very own: First Year Spring Week Insight Series, Second Year Summer Insight Series, Alumni Insight: Accounting and Beyond, Industry Insight (by non-LSE alumni), and Accounting Interview Preparations: Practical Workshops Edition.

Targeting BSc Accounting and Finance students, there will be Introductions to both the Department and Accounting Lecturers to help bridge the gap between students and faculty, and foster a closer bond.

The Accounting Society will also continue promoting AC10x Academic Sessions to help all First-Year students who take up an Accounting module in their course selections.

As for social events, subject to the current Covid-19 social-distancing guidelines, an Accounting Fresher’s Meet and Greet will be hosted via Zoom this Michaelmas Term.

That the social-distancing guidelines are relaxed come Lent Term, the Accounting Society intends to host collaborations with cultural societies at LSE to discuss accounting issues rocking the region while also embracing diversity and learning more about different cultural groups at LSE.


The LSESU Accounting Society’s membership structure is fixed throughout the Academic Year 2023/24. For £3.00 for the entire year, members will be able to benefit from and enjoy all events hosted by the society.

For instance, members have access to all the career sessions and project initiatives lined up!

You also get to join the social events launching in Michaelmas and Lent Terms (subject to social-distancing guidelines) where you can meet other like-minded members alongside other students from different LSE society groups, through our network of collaborative joint ventures.

Events and Activities

The LSESU Accounting Society has made plans for the following line up of events for the Academic Year 2023/24:

  • Accounting Freshers’ Meet and Greet
  • Second and Third year Welcome Back (with boat trip)
  • First Year Spring Week Insight Series
  • Second Year Summer Insight Series
  • Alumni Insight: Accounting and Beyond
  • Industry Insight (by non-LSE alumni)
  • Accounting Interview Preparations: Practical Workshops Edition
  • Introduction to the Department of Accounting
  • Introduction to Accounting Lecturers
  • Accounting and Cross-Cultural Collaborations with LSE Cultural Groups

We look forward to hosting you at our events so please do sign up and join our society!

Contact Us

The Accounting Committee is excited to welcome new members and we have a Facebook Group and Whatsapp Group for our members.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Accounting Society at any of our socials listed below.