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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Private Equity

LSESU Private Equity Society is the only society on campus devoted solely to educating and preparing university students for future career opportunities in the Private Equity industry.

As one of the leading societies at the LSE, boasting over 300 members, the Private Equity Society is your one-stop shop to get your foot in the door of the Private Equity world.

Building upon our large network of alumnus and current members, we plan to experience our greatest expansion to date and thus highly encourage to join us, here is our plan:

- DISCOVER: A consistent line-up of members-only events, ranging from fireside talks to office visits to networking opportunities, with the greatest companies and rainmakers of the industry. Our events aim to cover the following
    - How do you get into PE
    - What are the trends? What is the outlook?

- LEARN: Our goal is to provide our members with the platform for them to become appealing candidates for the sector and bring real value-add to the society. We aim to do that by:
    - Improving your technical skills through workshops led by professionals of the industry, with the possibility for top performers to be fast-tracked
    - Build upon each other skills through society-wide discussions and networking events
    - NEW: 
        - Research: We are proud to launch our research projects where a carefully selected cohort of self-motivated student-analysts with a true passion for understanding the complexity of PE investing will extensively follow the markets and publish research articles throughout the year alongside a flagship bi-annual Private Equity Journal. If you are eager to stand out from the crowd of applicants and are truly motivated, apply now:
        - Mentorship: Are you intrigued by PE but are unsure on how to develop this interest? Are you committed to a career in PE but struggling to set your foot in the door? It is always good to be mentored, especially by ACTIVE PRIVATE EQUITY PROFESSIONALS at top institutions, apply now:

- ACT: Leverage your skills and what you learnt through our society to challenge yourself! Take part in society and company-led pitches and competitions, with a proven track record of bolstering winners attractiveness and chance of securing your dream PE job!!

Whatever you are interested in, come speak with us at the Welcome Fair, let’s chat!!