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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Women Leaders of Tomorrow

Our aim is to develop leadership skills in students and build a network of emerging women leaders through workshops, social events, volunteering opportunities and guest-speaker series.

We are the largest and most diverse network of women on campus.  At the heart of our society, our objective is to inspire, empower and connect you with all of our members! Through a multitude of social events  and coffee mornings , we aim to connect our members in a series of serious and (not-so-serious) discussions. 

What sets us apart from any other society is our complete focus on skills rather than your background, strengths, weaknesses etc. With workshops by firms and banks, we aim to prepare our members for leadership positions in any field they choose to pursue. 

By holding a series of socials, WLT strives to create a strong and lasting bond between LSE’s future leaders. Through workshops,talks by leading firms from different sectors (e.g banking, politics, social policy, etc) and our mentoring scheme, we further aim to sharpen your skills professionally. By using a holistic approach to our society, our members can be their best selves!

The society was founded in 2012 by a group of passionate Master students. Throughout the history of the society, our committee members have shown their passion and dedication. As a consequence of their hard work, WLT has been awarded by the Student Union with the LSE Gold Star Award in 2014,2015,2016,2018 and most recently, 2019. 

What We've Been Up To:

WLT started off the Michaelmas Term amazingly with our annual ‘WLT Welcome Social’ at Sway Bar, Holborn. There, women across all year groups gathered to network and socialise with one another. We also held a Fall Social to further segment connection between our members.  Continuing WLT’s tradition, the committee organised the flagship ‘Women Inspired’ event. This year, we centred our discussion upon diversity and inclusion. We had the honour of hearing from our distinguished speakers: Martina Macpherson from Moody’s, Queennie Yang from The Business of Fashion, Natasha Saleh from BPP University, Lopa Patel (Chair of Diversity UK) and Elena Proca, founder of RainBow. During the first term, we also collaborated with the Faith Centre and LSESU International Development to bring interesting topics (e.g faith and development) to the forefront of our Coffee Mornings. 

In Lent Term, we kicked off another of our week-long empowerment project: Red Lips Week. Excitingly, we collaborated with LSESU Law Society & LSESU Intersectional Feminism to hold our Coffee Morning event, titled ‘Feminism Around the World’. With more than 10 countries represented, the discussion brings to light the intersectional nature of feminism, how the movement’s emergence differs around the world and whether regulations have been effective in advancing gender equality. During the week, we also collaborated with EY to hold an interactive workshop with our members. We also organised a joint event with LSE’s Athletic Union to hold ‘This LSE Girl Can Box’.  The committee is currently organising a workshop event with Accenture on the 17th of March to further expose our members with different career paths that are available.





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