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We provide all kit, coaching, and the chance to test your skills in competition against other fencers at your level, as well as an excellent social side.

About us

The LSE Fencing Club has made significant strides in the past few years since it was first established. We’re located directly on-campus and warmly welcome fencers of all levels of experience - from complete beginners to experienced national level fencers - in fact, some of our current committee members started out new to the sport when they joined LSE. So whatever your background, do come along and get involved!

Often considered chess with movement, fencing offers you the chance to test your mind to find a way to hit your opponent and then adds the physical excitement of exploding in to get the touche (a fencing point).

You’ll get the chance to meet new people and socialise while you try something new. Our members come from many different departments in the LSE - both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

We are proud to provide the opportunity to learn, practice, and compete in all three disciplines (foil, epee, and sabre).

Beginners can take up the sport under the guidance of our coach Rajan Rai in our Monday sessions (these will include warm-up, footwork, pair exercises, sparring, and individual lessons). More experienced fencers can use Tuesday training to hone their skills with peers. Practice will take place on LSE campus. We are currently in contact with the AU about when and where our first practice session can be held safely. We will provide free GIAG sessions MT and LT depending on Government guidance. Please feel free to contact the club or committee in regard to any queries.

The current committee is President Ashok Oberoi, Treasurer Erik Hummel, Vice President Hubert Bialek, Outreach Officer Ieuan George, and Secretary Keir Hobby.

Yuki Ota Fencing Visualized Project

Foil explained by the FIE

Mens Foil 2019 highlights

Epee explained by the FIE

Mens Epee Budapest 2019 Final

Sabre explained by the FIE

Sabre highlights


We have two tiers of membership; Standard and Competitive. Both memberships contribute to the upkeep & purchasing of equipment and the employment of a club coach.

Standard membership is £50 per year. This includes training on Monday evenings and all the fencing kit required to participate in practice.

Competitive membership is £80 per year. This covers training on Tuesdays, possible venue hire for BUCS, and travel to away BUCS fixtures. To be selected for BUCS you must have a competitive membership. The club has the possibility to provide kit for all weapons during practice and BUCS if a member does not have a certain part.

Events and Activities

Socials and Events

Throughout the year the fencing club will provide regular socials and events. We will launch a termly Club Championship, look into the possibility of collaborating either in practice or competition with other London University Fencing Clubs, and on-campus charity Fencing events.


We have both a men’s and a women’s team for BUCS fixtures on Wednesday afternoons. Our home fixtures will be at the Leon Paul Fencing Centre, a purpose-built facility with metallic pistes, floor lights and boxes with plans on moving to campus LT 2021. The men’s team will compete in South Eastern 2B, with the women’s in South Eastern 2A. There is also a BUCS individual championship in February. Please note that all BUCS fixtures are postponed until LT 2021.

Those wishing to be selected for BUCS teams must purchase Competitive Memberships on the SU website - memberships are higher in order to fund home matches venue and travel to away matches.


The Coach

The club coach is continuing from last year, Rajan Rai, and we are very excited to have him on board for a second year.

Raj is himself a fantastic fencer, he is an under 20 team world medallist, 7 times British champion in respective age categories and represented England at Commonwealth Championships last November. He has continued this success as a coach, coaching the 2018 England Youth Champion and a finalist in Paris Youth international.

Raj will be available for private lessons if desired.


Contact Us

Committee members regularly moderate the club’s Facebook and Instagram pages answering questions in DMs. If you wish to ask a question you can always email the Club at