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LSE Athletics & Running group


LSESU’s Swimming Club offering training and socials for beginner to competitive level swimmers.


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About us

Despite being formed only two years ago, LSE swimming is quickly becoming one of the most popular clubs at the university and now has more than 80 official members. The main reason the club has become so popular is that we cater to a large variety of skill sets and abilities.

For instance, during our weekly training sessions held on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings, we have dedicated lanes for swimmers of different abilities, ranging from beginners through to competitive swimmers.

In these sessions, beginners can choose to free swim or they can be helped with their technique from one of the team’s committee members, all of whom are competitive swimmers.

For the intermediate and competitive swimmers, each session with have a structured programme created by the team captains that everyone will follow.

These sessions will typically range between 1,800m - 2,500m and will include technique sessions, short distance sessions and long-distance sessions to ensure that our members improve at all aspects of swimming.

At the end of each session, we will often have some fun relay races with each team containing a mixture of competitive, intermediate and beginner swimmers.

Our members have really enjoyed these relays as they allow everyone to get a taste of competitive swimming and also to meet the other members of the team.

In terms of competitions against other universities, the main events we attend are part of the London Swimming League. Throughout the year, we typically attend three swimming galas against many other London universities including UCL, King’s and Imperial.

Although these are important competitions, they are very relaxed events where people of all swimming abilities can gain some experience of swimming competitively.

In addition, as the club grows and more competitive swimmers join the team, we hope to be able attend the BUCS events that are organised in Michaelmas and Lent term.

These are more serious competitions than the London League where the focus will be on the competitive swimmers in the team. We hope to attend as many competitions as possible this year, however, due to Covid-19, there are doubts as to which competitions will go ahead.

In terms of the social events that we run throughout the year, every Wednesday evening the whole team gets together to socialise before we head to the AU’s social event at the famous Zoo Bar & Club.

In addition to these weekly socials, we usually organise around 3 or 4 club dinners throughout the year where the whole team goes out for a meal, typically a curry, burger or a Chinese.

Throughout the year, we also attend several events organised by the AU, including Carol and the AU ball. All of these events are a fantastic way to get to know others within the team and help to build team spirit!


We have 3 different swimming memberships to cater to every student’s needs:

  • Competitive: This gives you access to all of our weekly training sessions where you will be swimming in a dedicated competitive swimmers lane and following a programme created by the 1st team captain. You will also be able to take part in all of the competitions we enter throughout the year, including all London League and BUCS events
  • Fitness: This gives you access to our weekly training sessions, during which you will follow a programme created by the 2nd team captain and choose to swim in an intermediate or beginner lane depending on your ability
  • Social: This membership only gives you access to our socials throughout the year, such as our socials on Wednesday evening or the AU ball

Events and Activities

Over the course of the year, we host a wide number of events including:

  • Training every Tuesday and Saturday with a view to add an additional session during the week for competitive swimmers
  • Two London League events during Michaelmas term and one during Lent term
  • BUCS in Michaelmas and Lent term
  • Regular socials every Wednesday evening

Contact Us

The committee is really excited to welcome new members and we have a dedicated Facebook page and a WhatsApp group for any questions you may have.

Our Facebook page can be found here. Once you’ve joined, feel free to message any of the committee members to ask them questions.

To gain access to our WhatsApp group, simply follow this link.

We’re also hosting two Zoom calls on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th September at 14:00pm where you’ll be able to meet the committee and ask us some questions - drop us an email at to RSVP and receive the password and link. We’re excited to meet you all!