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LSE Athletics & Running group

Basketball - Men's

The Men's Basketball Club has 3 competitive teams which train and compete on a regular basis and intramural social sessions. The club caters for players of all levels, with a common love for the game!

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About us

The LSE Basketball club aims to connect students through basketball. Whether it be to compete and win trophies, or to play socially, the club hopes to be part of your LSE experience.


Our membership fee covers all essential areas for the club to operate: court bookings for practice and matches, alongside equipment such as kit and basketballs.

Events and Activities

  • Weekly training (1st and 2nd team: 2 times a week, 3rd team: once a week)
  • BUCS matches on Wednesdays (1st and 2nd team)
  • LUSL matches on Saturdays (1st and 3rd team)
  • Open social pick-up runs
  • Regular socials (Sway, pubs, NBA talk and more!)

Contact Us

Follow us on Instagram to keep up with our club's news on trials, games and trainings. DM us if you have any question!