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This is the home for all LSE's surfers. Whether you are beginning or pro we would love to have you on board. Get in touch with us through the socials for a full rundown of what we are!

Why Surfing?

Surfing is a truly unique sport which is accessible to anyone who can make their way to the sea and now even on land with the emerging wave pool technologies. Naturally, this fantastic sport stretches far further than this with many seeking the sport as a form of mindfulness, a true full-body exercise. Perhaps most importantly the non-aggressive nature of the sport brings people together and creates valuable relationships. Surf culture is booming right now with its presence throughout the fashion industry and many marketing campaigns. Furthermore, its maiden appearance in the 2020 Olympic Games emphasises the undeniable relevance of such a humbling sport. Living in a generation where we can decide our planets fate, spending time in the ocean allows you to first hand see the effects of single-use plastics and appreciate the fragility of natural systems.

To conclude, surfing is an utterly wonderful sport which will provide great memories for surfers of all levels in and out of the water.

Our Mission:

1.To provide the means and opportunity for club members to travel together to the coast and surf at affordable prices. We hope to cultivate the growth of the club's popularity and provide a home for LSE’s surf community. This will be achieved through trips to various destinations around the UK and even further afield. Furthermore, we would like LSE to become part of London's surf scene by attending events and connecting with the other University of London Surf clubs.

2. To provide the encouragement and facilities for students to learn to surf and then help further develop their ability. For many, surfing seems impossible whilst living in London however, we know this is not the case and are desperate to introduce as many students as possible to the sport we know we could not live without. Many beginners have not had the privilege of spending anytime in the ocean, the LSE surf club would offer the opportunity for such students to immerse themselves into the addictive energy of the ocean.

3. To expand the club's competitive side, giving club members the chance to compete at both a national level in BUCS organised surfing competitions, and a friendly environment in a varsity fixture. We have had many messages from competitive surfers studying at LSE requesting for this club and we believe our team would be very strong. Moreover, the club offers professional coaching and video analysis for the intermediate to advanced level surfers to further develop LSE's surfing standards.

To achieve our goals we host regular social events where club members get together, furthermore events that coincide with the London surf scene such as the London Surf Film festival. Also, members of our committee have connections with the surf industry and will get speakers to come in and host events. Moreover, we have lots of connections with University Surf Clubs across the UK with which we can do joint trips. Likely weekend trip destinations are - Cornwall, Scotland and the new wave pool in Bristol which can be decided by members based on wave forecasts.


Our Membership structure is simple. With our one club strategy, all members pay the same fee of £10 which is the cheapest price the university allows us to charge. This membership will give you access to all club socials and welcome you into our community which will go on regular trips together. These trips will be self-funded but at a discounted rate through club sponsorships.

Summer Trip:

Once a year in the Summer term we offer a large trip where as many students as possible will join us to Portugal or France. Here they can expect to let off some steam post-exams by getting some surf lessons and being part of LSE's own take on Spring Break.

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