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LSE Athletics & Running group

Equestrian and Polo

Never sat on a horse or been riding/playing polo for many years? Join EAPC! We guarantee to offer you a fantastic polo/riding experience.

What does the Equestrian and Polo Club do?

The Equestrian and Polo Club runs weekly lessons for ALL riding abilities/polo players and organizes various activities and trips throughout the year. Our trial (GIAG) lessons are available throughout the term, kindly join our Whatsapp group chat or email for more info. We also accept non-LSE students and alumni as our Associate members!


Trial/Give It A Go (GIAG)

£ 50 – Polo GIAG All Level

Note: Basic riding skills are not required for polo beginner lessons. 

For further inquiries, please contact us at:


Types of Memberships

£ 40 – Standard Membership Equestrian & Polo Club (LSE students)
£ 45 – Associate Membership Equestrian & Polo Club (Other Uni's Students, Staff, Alumni, and the Public)

Important: Due to our affiliation with the LSE Athletic Union, all members are required to purchase the £7.5 AU membership when joining the Equestrian and Polo Club. If you have previously purchased the AU membership, you are not required to repurchase it in order to join any other sports-related clubs.


Equestrian lessons

New Details for the year 2023 are being finalized, TBC on the 21st JAN 2023.


Polo lessons


  • Riding Venue: Ash Farm Polo Club
  • Proposed Riding Day & Time: Tue/Thu 1-4pm
  • Polo Lesson fees: 60min per session
    • £ 50 per group lesson (All levels, 4-6 riders)


NOTE: The number of Associate Members is limited by the SU rule, we do not have any more places for this academic year. Please do not purchase the Associate membership, we are not able to offer any refund.




Welcome to the 2023/24 AU page. 


Make sure you buy an AU membership to gain full access to all the exclusive events and campaigns the AU will be hosting this year!


Follow us on Instagram, our main platform of communication, at @lseathleticsunion to stay up to date with the latest and greatest.


We hope you are all looking forward to this year’s Golden Era!