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Rugby - Men's

LSE Men's Rugby... The best club in the world. NBFBR.

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About us

Men’s Rugby have come a long way over the last few years, and we have ambitious plans for the future. We have started a partnership with London Scottish FC, which will help move the club forwards in all ways over the next few years. We welcome and encourage players, and non players, of all sizes and abilities.

Not only do our 1st and 2nd XV compete at a good level, but, just as importantly, we also have a large group of social members. Our games are played every Wednesday, and are followed by a club-wide social, which are occasionally shared with other AU clubs.

This is where we differ from other clubs; instead of having socials in your teams, our socials involve the entire club. This, uniquely, creates the opportunity to create a network of friends that transcend three-year groups.

So if you want to play rugby, or just get involved in one of the best communities at LSE, come along and grab a beverage with us!


Membership is £100. It seems steep but that covers travel to matches, the cost of a coach, the cost of hiring training pitches and much more. When you think about it it's a bargain.

If you do not want to play but still want to be a part of the club a rather more reasonable £30 is payable to the same account.

Joining will give you access to plenty of playing opportunities, whatever your level. If playing isn’t your thing, there will be many, many socials throughout the year and getting down to support the 1’s and 2’s is always encouraged, with the possibility of away days.

Events and Activities

  • Pre-Season
  • Game day on Wednesdays (Both players and social members attend)
  • A social every Wednesday
  • Training at least once a week (multiple times a week more likely)
  • The City Varsity
  • For postgraduates (and anyone else interested) who cannot play midweek, there are some weekend playing opportunities for our Alumni club.

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You can contact us on: