Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer



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Momen Sethi

Momen Sethi

Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer 2018/19


About Momen

What is your favourite thing about LSE?

I really like the atmosphere of LSE as everyone is so inspired and inspiring to do well and make an impact on the world. Professors and peers are like are truly phenomenal in their different abilities and what really tops it off is the smallness of LSE, despite its very international outlook. You can really get to know people in depth as the uni is not too big as you can walk from one side of the uni to the other in 5 mins! All this creates an electric atmosphere where you can learn and develop academically and especially non-academically every day.

What's your role all about?

My role has several sides to it but is centred around being from the ethnic minority community. One side of my role is to deal with any issues that BAME students face, ranging from access to the workplace to challenges that individuals and communities face on a daily basis. However, another side of my role is to arm and educate the amazing individuals we have in our communities so they can go out in the real world and make a real difference. This is done by researching and understanding issues to relay them to students and passionate people, whilst working on collaborative initiatives across the board. So expect to see lots of cool events, talks, schemes and most important food (at the events) throughout the year!

What advice would you give to someone new at LSE? OR Describe yourself in three words?

I like talking so I am going to do both. I would describe myself as spontaneous, chatty and fastpaced as I get bored very easily and am looking for things to do, especially if it involves talking! So don't be shy and ask any questions you might have about anything.

Also, I would tell new students to get involved and make a proactive effort towards anything they find interesting at uni because time flies, especially when you're having fun! Uni is short so make the most of it by doing cool stuff you are interested in, be that travelling with your friends or really being part of an initiative that you feel strongly about. It is crucial that you do not waste the little time you have binge-watching Netflix or scrolling through Instagram all day, as we all do at times, and really get involved in the numerous projects on offer. From my personal experience, you never know how opportunities manifest themselves so just give everything your best shot!