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Tobias Draper

Tobias Draper

LGBT+ Officer 2018/19


About Tobias

What is your favourite thing about LSE?

My favourite thing about LSE has definitely been the people I've met. I've found many of the other people on my course (Social Anthropology) to be incredibly interesting and insightful and they have undoubtedly enriched the academic journey I've undertaken here. I have also made life long friendships through the societies I've engaged with and campaigns I've been involved with.

What's your role all about?

As the LGBT+ officer my job is to be a visible resource for all LGBTQIA+ students here at LSE. The GSD (Gender and Sexual Diversity) Pride Alliance do a great job as a society, so I see my role as primarily covering the bases that are outside of their focus. I think that as LGBT+ officer I am here as an advocate, a signpost for resources and as a support. Beyond this the officer is in a unique position to work with other PTOs and therefore create support for people with intersecting identities, for example QTIPOC or disabled LGBT+ students, and I think this is a really important aspect of the role.

What advice would you give to someone new at LSE?

The advice I would give to new LGBT+ students specifically is to engage with LGBT+ events and community on campus in whatever way works for you. There are so many LGBT+ groups across London that will suit people to differing degrees and the LSE scene is part of that. Don't feel afraid to express what you feel your needs are and communicate them to myself or the alliance. To the wider student body I would definitely advise getting involved with societies in some way, they are an excellent way to find friendships outside of your residency or classroom and therefore meet a greater range of people.