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LSE Students’ Union is a charity and a company. We’re registered with the Charity Commission, and our Trustee Board has overall responsibility for the legal, strategic and financial health of the Students' Union. This means that it is the ultimate decision-maker and has end-line, collective responsibility for all activities of LSESU.

The Trustee Board makes sure we're the best we can be today, while also thinking about how we can be better for the future. The Trustee Board consists of five Sabbatical Officers, six students and one non-student appointed by the Trustees themselves. The Sabbatical Officers and students are elected in Michaelmas or Lent Term elections, serving one or up to two years respectively. The Trustees work closely with the Senior Management Team of LSE Students' Union, and will make major decisions about the activities and services of the Union.

Alongside being the Chair of the Executive and the line manager of the Chief Executive, the General Secretary is the Chair of the Trustee Board. 

Your Student Trustee Board 2018-19

Paul Vella

Paul Vella

William Stein

William Stein

Hannah Nairn

Hannah Nairn

Yuvraj Khetan

Yuvraj Khetan

Andrea Solis

Andrea Solic

Krishnan Puri Sudhir

Krishnan Puri


The three main roles of the Trustee Board are: 

  • To make sure everything we do benefits the students of LSE
  • To ensure that the Union is financially solvent
  • To ensure that everything we do is legally permissible 

What discussions and decisions has the Trustee Board been involved in?

  • Agreeing and monitoring targets that are included in our Strategic Plan
  • Agreement to changes to the pension schemes for our staff
  • Revising our policies and procedures concerning recruitment and inductions of student staff
  • Agreeing our Financial Strategy and what changes / savings / additional income we need to make to make sure we can make a small surplus
  • Agreeing to implement a wider variety of products in LSESU catering outlets, which included cheaper options
  • Embedding the value of equality in to all our work
  • Approving areas of expansion, including a new Sport England project, more resources for campaigns, SSLC Reps and staff to work with clubs and societies

How can you influence the work of the Trustee Board?

Want to find out more about a Trustee Board position? Check out the official Government guide here.

Trustee Board Minutes 

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