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PHD WEEK: Mindfullness session

Wednesday 27 May 2015

11am - noon


PHD WEEK: Mindfullness session


A week of events designed especially for PhD students, by PhD students – an initiative to support you effectively through your studies.

50% of the PhD students we asked requested a workshop on Welfare and 44% requested motivational tips. This Mindfulness taster session will aim:

·      Has the aim of recovering the frantic business environment, and specialise in incorporating Mindfulness in the everyday working life of students and leaders - http://www.danazelicha.com/case-study/. 

·      Includes practical tool to leaders such as Mindful meetings, Mindful eating and Mindful decision making, as well as advanced coaching techniques.

·      As LSE PhD students are under pressure throughout their studies, which require high focus and self management skills, they can learn many relevant tools to balance their stress levels, burnout, productivity, creativity, happiness and general well-being

Dana Zelicha (OWBA - 'Mindful Thinking in the Business World') will be running this session. For more information check out her website here: www.danazelicha.com

For more details on our taster session, join the Facebook event here.