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Working on a Tier 4 Visa

Wednesday 14 March 2018

6pm - 8pm

Tower 2, 2.04

Working on a Tier 4 Visa

Working on a Tier 4 Visa




Confused about how the changes in visa rules will impact you?

Don’t know what to do after graduation?

Are you planning on starting up a business in the UK but don’t know about the logistics involved?

The Working on a Tier 4 Visa event aims to answer your question! The LSESU International Officer has teamed up with the International Students Visa Advice Team and  LSE careers to present an informal talk about how the changes to the Tier 4 Visa and how it may impact you after graduation and what kind of opportunities there are after you complete your degree.

To help us shape the event and present you with the right information, submit your questions in this form or email su.international@lse.ac.uk


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